Is Dakota Burford Scammer?- Proof Revealed

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Dakota Burford is an internet entrepreneur who founded Luxvoni Marketing Solutions and has now partnered with other well-known entrepreneurs to release a sales course that he is calling Sale-ops the art of human hacking.

Dakota was born and raised in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. His single mother raised him by the name of Kimberly Louderback.

Dakota’s grandfather was the infamous car dealership owner Bob Commer. When Dakota was in his late teens, Garry Duncan, a family acquaintance, and Paul Duncan’s son took him under his wing and taught him about the automobile industry. Dakota started his first auto spa business at age 21, thanks to Gary’s assistance and advice. He sold that company for a sizable profit by the age of 23.

Let’s Look At The Facts

There are always critics… but let’s review if Dakota is a scammer or not.

How A Scammer is Defined

  1. a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme.
  2. “scammers are preying on people’s good intentions.”

If someone is scamming, they are providing you with something that is not what it seems. They will make money off of you without helping to improve your life, which can also be seen as not providing good value for the money they charged.

What are good quality services?

  • Always providing good value
  • Learning how to generate more sales and revenue
  • Understanding the true meaning of integrity and how it applies to your life and business

Luxvoni Marketing Solutions

Dakota’s Company, Luxvoni Marketing Solutions, is a company specializing in building brands and generating sales. They’ve worked with household names like Jordan Belfort and Brad Lea, Nick Cooper as well as relatively unknown individuals. They’ve also collaborated with businesses such as Safe Life Defense, which recently cracked the INC 5000 list at №265.

There have been criticisms of by customers that have worked with Luxvoni Marketing Solutions. There are even legal disputes between businesses that filed for bankruptcy after working with Luxvoni. Yet, there appears to be an overwhelming amount of good feedback and testimonies on the internet praising Dakota’s firm for the value it has provided.

There are marketing professionals in the field that have praised Dakota’s company’s talent for developing marketing funnels, which they have done. Dean Edelson, who is a Senior Copywriter at Click Funnels, is one such case. You can find that video on Dakota’s youtube channel here:

Checking The Facts

There have been many individuals who have expressed their gratitude for Dakota and his firm’s assistance in achieving remarkable results.

Several businesses are paying Luxvoni a significant sum of cash to keep doing business with Luxvoni Marketing Solutions.

Most con artists operate a small company of two or three people to execute these scams. In contrast, Luxvoni has dozens of salespeople and partners that currently do business with these large businesses.

Con artists typically operate their scams quickly, then switch names and branding to avoid being connected with past negative feedback on the internet. Luxvoni has been in business years and has not attempted to change brand names. There appears to be no effort to conceal or deny that the business has had clients dissatisfied with the service.

A public record of such business litigation is available and, as a result of their length, provides plenty of reasons why those partnerships may have deteriorated. Nothing directly linked to or influenced by anything Luxvoni was responsible for. One such example is Lifted Liquids, which was in financial difficulties after making a deal with Lux

Every case is different and no warranties or guarantees are made that should Raich Law PLLC take on your case, that you will achieve same or similar results as those stated above. “As an Executive and Co-Founder of a Marketing Solutions firm with over 45 employees I have had numerous dealing with large “prestigious” law firms when it comes business litigation and corporate law. (

voni to develop their marketing funnel to attract new business. The company was short on funds, which is why they attempted to renegotiate the contract they made with Luxvoni. That dispute was settled out of court, and Luxvoni agreed to return a portion of the payment that was made to help the company.

Given that Luxvoni may easily have taken the issue to court and would most likely have won the case since they had delivered all of the services outlined in the contract, this appears to be a kind gesture. While the firm was probably unhappy that they could not cancel the contract entirely and have the $25,000 refunded in full, there is no indication of a scam in this case.

There have been a few more instances of clients expressing dissatisfaction with the company; however, there are always two sides to each tale. There is little to no evidence to support that Dakota “Scammed” anyone.

Other well-known sources, such as Better Business Bureau, have verified that no complaints have been filed. While the firm is not listed and does not have a BBB Business Profile, there has certainly been no formal verified complaints of a “Scam”.

Conclusion: is Dakota Burford A Scam Artist?

Reviewing available evidence and there is nothing that shows Dakota or Luxvoni Marketing Solutions has shady dealings. They have demonstrated at a high level that they provide the services they offer, marketing and sales expertise that will help a company to grow. If you want a digital marketing plan that will drive more visitors into your funnel and convert traffic into sales, the company appears to be a solid option as a marketing partner. You may additionally be interested in Dakota’s new course Sale-Ops the art of human hacking. If you are looking to learn or train a team on sales, Dakota has partnered with experts across the industry to produce a one-of-a-kind training that promises “turns mildly successful salespeople, into widely successful salespeople.”



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